About Us

About US

We Build Our Projects With Your Dreams And Ideas.

Founded in 2001 by Nilkantha A. Burkhawala, SOLIDS n VOIDS is a Design practice that primarily deals with spatial solutions in Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design and Planning. Although we also get involved in Graphics, Literary and Non spatial creativity out of our own passion.

We firmly believe that a good Design is an end result of aspirations of the society at large. It is influenced by Creativity, Culture, Context, Climate and Currency, each seeking its independent prominence. It evolves during interaction with clients, contractors and craftsmen. Every design conception starts with a utopian idea and grows with constraints of space, time, technology and finance to get realized. And yet, after all that, the end product must at least take a small step towards improvement of quality of life and add beauty to the world.

We constantly strive towards good design, an approach that weaves culture, context, client and currency into a single fabric of final design.

Our a period of 23 years we have successfully designed and executed more than 250 Design projects of various scales in and around Surat. The portfolio of Design projects range from single spaces such as a Bedroom or Living room to , small Residences to large Bungalows; Offices to Commercial Buildings, Repairs and extension works to Industrial Buildings, Graphic designs, Housing layouts and such others.

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what we are

A Small Efficient

Interior Designing Team

SOLIDS n VOIDS is a full service interior design firm that gives equal priority to both commercial and residential design. Our experienced designers can accommodate projects of all sizes. We create a unique plan for each project, clearly outlining the scope, cost and timeline.